7 January 2019

5 key reasons to translate your website

Your website is only available in your mother tongue, your newsflash is delivered in a single language, and you wonder why your publicity campaigns only reach a small fraction of your potential clients? It might be time to consider making your website multilingual.


It’s common sense. Making your website available in several languages will enable you to reach a larger audience. In today’s interconnected world, translating your website can open doors to many international clients.

By offering your content in one language only, you could be missing out on many opportunities.

Translate your website and allow potential customers from all over the world to discover your products and services!


Each business field has its own specialized terms and concepts, which only experienced professionals understand. That’s why it’s essential to offer your products in the clients’ native language. This way, they’re most likely to understand what you have to offer and call upon your services.

According to a study from the European Commission, 42 percent of internet users will simply not buy products or services from a website if the information isn’t available in their native language. The incapacity of foreign clients to navigate smoothly through your website might result in you losing them altogether.

Make your website multilingual and thereby improve the user experience of your visitors!


Most customers will search for the ideal service provider via their local search engine in their native language. How does your company rank in Google?

Localizing your website will allow your company to be better referenced by search engines like Google. Once your content has been adapted to different geographic locations, using the right keywords will boost your SEO, making your website more visible to the target audience. This is extremely important if you want your services to be accessible by prospects worldwide.

Stand out from the competition and make your services visible to a wider range of potential customers by translating your website!


This aspect might seem obvious, but it is worth pointing out. Like a tourist travelling to another country and expecting the locals to understand their language, it’s arrogant to expect your (potential) customers to adapt to you.

According to a Common Sense Advisory study, 56 percent of consumers say that information displayed in their own language is more important than price. Understanding the language is therefore crucial in order to establish trust in the anonymous online world.

Make the commitment to your clients by approaching them in their own native language, so as to be more successful!


Once your website is available in a variety of languages, you’ll start attracting a wider range of customers. With improved SEO, greater commitment, higher visibility and better user experience, no doubt your business will grow.

Addressing your clients in their own language will help you create a bond with them, an essential aspect to establish trust and conduct successful business negotiations.

Get in touch with our professional translation agency and create that special bond with your global prospects today!